Saturday, July 03, 2004

What Do You Want To See? 

Are you open to all viewpoints?
As a therapist and counselor, I must be willing to hear many perspectives.
As a writer and consultant, I must be willing to share from a broad perspective.
As a spiritual being committed to love, I must open my mind to forgive it all.

What we believe influences what we perceive.
What we want to believe influences what we choose to let into our awareness.
What we are seeking causes us to connect with what supports our frame of reference.
What we see will be interpreted according to our values, beliefs, history and choices.

I encourage one and all to see this Michael Moore movie no matter your political persuasion.
I invite you to be open to the possible total truth of this documentary.
I found the documentary to be tasteful, respectful and even subtle in its approach to many issues.
And Yes, MM has his own bias as all of us do.

I kept noticing how many intuitions and concerns I had the last three+ years,
but dismissed due to business, distractions, feelings of impotence and apathy.
When I am moved deeply by anything, I ask spiritually, “WHAT AM I TO DO?”
After seeing this documentary, I must ask again and again……

I am to wakeup and stay awake, no matter what.
I am to awaken others through honest expression, even when unpopular.
I am to encourage you to question what doesn’t feel “right” or “honest”/
I am to bring those who are caught up and unconscious to ask, “Is there something more?”
I am to encourage the sleeping masses to wakeup and make a difference.
I am to initiate voting, discussion, action, education and inspiration.
I am to speak up and speak out when it feels important.
I am to ask for spiritual support in promoting what is honest and fair.
I am to remind us all that decisions must be made for the benefit of all.
I am to honor and respect those who have no voice or have not yet been heard.

I am not a political person.
I see myself as clearly promoting the call for Love.
The promotion of fear paralyzes and distorts what it true.
Each of us can begin by asking ourselves,
“Am I promoting fear or love?”
Am I encouraging healing or pain?
Am I creating goodness, wholeness and beauty in my world or are my actions destructive?”

Here to awaken by staying awake,
Betty Lue