Tuesday, October 05, 2004

God Helps Those That Help  

Often I find myself and Reunion Ministries reaching out to those who appear to need help. I share as I am guided as a catalyst for inspiration and demonstration of our union in the brotherhood of God. Sometimes money is given, help is offered, coaching and counseling is provided, healing remedies are shared, spiritual insight and wisdom are revealed. All is given without thought of what I will later receive, for what is given me is to be freely shared with All. Everyone is worth helping to serve the Greater Good and the return to wholeness and Holiness. Some folks are lost and seek to be found. Some folks are blind and call for spiritual sight. Some folks are hungry and need to be fed before they can learn to plant crops and harvest their own supply. Some folks lack faith in God and confidence in themselves and need a demonstration of Divine work in their life. Some folks are in an existential crisis and cannot find support for their intrinsic wellness and need someone who walks with them in love and trust in their awakening.

Yes, we all have experienced moments and sometimes years of challenge, struggle and separation for the Abundance, Goodness and Trust in God and Good. How we respond to these times determines their strength and length of our struggle. When we are challenged in the school of life, our teachers and fellow students can help or interfere with our learning. To be judged causes doubt, fear and guilt. To be encouraged creates an environment of “I can do it.” When we are defended, protected and helped without their faith in our ability to learn, to heal, to create and to contribute, we are held back by the do-gooders who feed their children without teaching them to cook.

Do you know how to cook for yourself?
At what age did you learn to do your own laundry?
How do you care for yourself, if you feel tired or a little rundown?
What do you do when you have a relationship problem?
Do you ask for help when you need it?
Do you pay your bills on time, balance your checkbook and pay for what you buy each month?

Those who know must teach those who do not know.
Those who can must encourage those who believe they cannot.
Those who love must demonstrate forgiveness and love with those who have not been loved.
And those who have energy and means must sometimes offer tough truth to those who have learned to be lazy, dependent and needy.

Not everyone is motivated to “do” for themselves. Some do not know that to grow up we must learn to care for ourselves, pay our bills, seek help when we really need it and learn from life’s circumstances.
What to do with the age of entitlement and dependency?
Prime the pump with sincere help.
Model responsible living.
Appreciate and encourage each step toward independence.
Help people recognize the joy of healing, learning and growing with your own joy.
First dependence, learning to be independent.
And only when we can take good care of ourselves can we truly build a community of interdependence.
Betty Lue