Thursday, October 07, 2004

Healing with Service 

Do you have a purpose here?
Have you found your “calling?”
Do you contribute generously with the gifts you have been giving?
Can you give your life to serving others, rather than serving your own pleasures?

You can heal your pain and addictions by serving a greater purpose.
You can free yourself from suffering by reaching out with love.
You can find perfect happiness and peace by giving your life to what you really value.
You can know what and whom you are called to give by what brings your joy and peace.
Listen look and respond….
Abandoned, animals, children needing attention, hospitalized newborns needing to be rocked, good people running for office, environmental causes, contributing to habitat for humanity, serving on a school or church board, buying groceries for your housebound neighbor, saying “hi” to the unhappy shopper, remembering to thank personally your busy waitress, giving a hug to your child or spouse, remembering to end each conversation with “have a good day” and living life as though all life matters.
I am just scratching the surface on how you can serve a greater good.
In times of apparent fear we tend to contract, isolate and insulate ourselves to meet our own needs and protect and defend our own territory by standing up for our own ideals.
And yet to build a community of humanity we must have the courage and strength to reach beyond our comfort zone and embrace all life with the best we have.

The best we have is not to withhold love. It is to extend forgiveness and love again and again.
The best we have is not to fight for our rights. It is to give both rights and responsibilities to others.
The best we have is not to make others wrong It is to educate ourselves to what is right about the others.
The best we have is not to separate ourselves. It is to join got the highest Good of All people.
The best we have is not to say “my way”. It is to respect different ways that serve the greater Good.
The best we have is not to tell others what to do. It is to listen to how others do what they do.
The best we have is not to sacrifice and blame. It is to be a shining example of self care and contribution.
The best we have is not to attack others values. It is to be true to our own ideals and spiritual principles.
The best we have is not to live in the past. It is to move forward committed to a clear direction for peace.
The best we have is not to forsake our allies. It is to build honest friendships and cooperation.
The best we have to not to be stuck in ineffective policy. It is to see, find and choose better ways.
The best we have is not to judge others choices. It is to be honest in making effective choices.
The best we have is not to fight like children. It is to be mature adults who can accept differences.

I am traveling in the next few weeks. While in Hawaii, there is another culture. I will adapt. I will embrace. I will enjoy. I will celebrate. I will be grateful. I will bless. I will contribute. Whenever we enter into another’s home, workplace, place of worship, community or nation, we experience cultural difference. This is the perfect service. To be open, appreciative and accepting. There is nothing to fear, except withholding the love and gratitude that heals us all.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Healing Reminders Book coming soon.. Will be put together while I am on retreat....