Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Healing Power of Forgiveness, Choice and Gratitude 

Forgiveness is the willingness to continuing giving the Love you are, no matter what.
Forgiveness is letting no one and nothing harm you or limit you.
Forgiveness is letting go of whatever beliefs or attitudes keep you from fully living.
Forgiveness is remembering what is good and beautiful and healthy.
Forgiveness is dropping the need to judge to defend and protect yourself.
Forgiveness is trusting in the healing, learning and growing opportunities in all relationships.
Forgiveness is seeking the gift and the blessing in all experiences.
Forgiveness is healing whatever thoughts, words, deeds and relationships keep you stuck in fear.
Forgiveness sets you free to more fully be.

Choice is the right to choose whatever is right for you.
Choice is the responsibility to select what fits with your values.
Choice is the freedom to choose again when you have made mistakes.
Choice is the vision of believing and seeing new possibilities.
Choice is the process of claiming your inherent right to create what is good for you.
Choice is the blessing of simply choosing for what you want, rather than “not want”.
Choice is the gift of selected perception and selective reception.
Choice is the natural ability to make decisions for yourself.
Choice is in forgiving past choices and freeing yourself to choose again.

Gratitude is valuing who you are and what you have.
Gratitude is in giving thanks for the gifts and blessings you have received.
Gratitude is knowing that we are all in this together and worthy of support.
Gratitude is acknowledging everyone and everything as teacher.
Gratitude is trusting in life’s school where we are all just kids learning how to be.
Gratitude is in getting the message when we are trying to figure it out.
Gratitude is in believing in ourselves and appreciating our willingness.
Gratitude is in opening the door to really live, even if we are scared.
Gratitude is starting over again when we have seemingly failed.
Gratitude is waking up with a smile on our face and a song in our hearts.
Gratitude is being thankful for it all.

We are healing ourselves and our world with every forgiveness, every choice and every appreciation.

Thank you for being the conscious presence of healing.
Betty Lue