Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Values-Centered Living and Giving 

This was written Nov 1.
My server stopped my sending due to over 1000 emails sent in 24 hours.
I believe this is very relevant as we ask what now.
No matter what the election result,
No matter who our employer or neighbor is,
No matter what our family dysfunction,
No matter what the politics of our church, community or nation,
We need to identify and live our values.
So I offer you today’s reminderwith prayers of healing and love.

What do you value?
How do you want to live?
What really matters to you?
What are your choices?

I can look at the candidates and notice what I am voting for by looking at my values?
If I value being right, I vote for the candidate who is always right.
If I value being aware, I vote for the candidate who is open to open-minded and see things differently.
If I value looking good, I vote for the one who looks good.
If I value sounding smooth and confident, I vote for the one who sounds confident and self-assured.

In our homes, on our jobs, in our relationships, we are all voting for our current values.
To speak out or to be silent.
To argue or to avoid disagreement.
To give or to get .
To appreciate or to criticize.
To be righteous or admit our mistakes.
To forgive and choose again or judge and get stuck.
To be helpful or helpless.
To fix and correct the past or envision and create today.
To give our best and trust the rest or control and direct the outcome.
To try to win the game of life or simply play our best and enjoy the game of life.

These are choices we make everyday in what we think and do and say.
Pay attention to how you see your world and you will see what you believe about yourself.
Be aware of how you vote in this election and notice what you value.

Integrity is living the values we claim we value.
Integrity engenders peace and joy and love easily.
Lack of integrity leads to disintegration of relationships, self confidence and loss of will to live.
Honesty is willingness to admit mistakes, unethical behaviors, and unwillingness to give the best.
Making excuses is a form of self-deceit.
Confessing our errant choices leads to honesty and integrity.
It is time to personally lead the way by declaring our values and living them.
Living our values must be a fulltime job.
Living our values must be obvious to those who know us.
Living our values must be quitting anything which seduces us to quit, set aside or compromise our values.
Living our values must be first and foremost in all circumstances.

Valuing clear conscious communication with freedom with responsibility for all,
Betty Lue