Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Born in Love 

Two innocent college students people fell in love, were married, conceived a child and brought forth a child in 1942.
Throughout pregnancy the child was wanted, loved, seen as a gift of Love from God.
She was talk to and sung to, cared for from the heart, and treated as a whole being from the beginning of her life.
Her parents knew they were temporary guardians of God’s Child.
They saw themselves as offering earthly guidance only when there was need.
It was a happy loving home with little criticism or praise needed or given.
“We love you and believe in you “was the parental message.
This child was always given as much responsibility as she could handle and a little more to grow into.
She was trusted, treated with respect and invited to share her thoughts with parents and elders.
Consequently, she knew everyone was to be respected as equal and valuable and loveable and believeable.
When her mother was carrying the second child, she could no longer lift and she walked at nine months.
When her brother was born, she was called “Mommy’s Little Helper” and knew in her heart this was so.
To this day, she is fully responsible and truly helpful by sharing Love and Light with everyone equally.
Knowing no self judgment, she does not judge.
She observes what people are asking her to believe about them.
She gives people as much as they can handle and a little more.
She respects all people and values all paths that support the fullness and potentiality of each being.

When any child is given unlimited opportunity to shine forth, to grow freely into Beingness, they blossom into the fullness of compassion, confidence, wisdom and grace. This is So!

All Beings are created in Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
Most children know the fears, worries, judgments of their parents from conception.
Most are born into a world of judgmental projection, were fears and hurts, pain and problems are remember and wounds are experienced. When that blank slate, the infant’s mind, is projected on with the thoughts, words and deeds of the parents, the child absorbs it all as “truth”. When the parent sees the world as dark, difficult and dangerous, the child believes that is the truth.
When the parent treats themselves as faulty, broken and incapable, the child believes that is their truth as well.
These mistaken beliefs and projections are stored in the archives of the mind as real, to be avoided and defended against.
Thus the “sins” of the parents are visited on the child.
The mistaken beliefs and critical perceptions are imprinted on the children.
The societal mores and historical judgments are perpetuated by our continued allegiance to past teaching.

The work of this generation is to clear our universal and individual minds.
The work of our parents and teachers is to see each child as whole.
The work of all spiritual leaders is to teach mental cleansing and forgiveness.
The work of this time is to see the Light, to be filled with Light and to shine the Light.
The work of all Beings is to remember to love and return to wholeness.

I am loving you and All endlessly.
This is what I know. This is who I Am. This is how I live.
Betty Lue