Sunday, December 05, 2004

Just Do It! 

If you want something…..
Assess what you have.
Become aware of how you got what you have.
Take responsibility for creating what you have.
Forgive yourself for judging what you have.
Appreciate what you have.

In a state of self condemnation and judgment of your creations, it is likely you will block future creativity.
In your fear of future mis-creation, you will distort and limit yourself from creating what you really want.
In your seeking to be right, successful and avoid future “miss-takes”, you shut down your exploration and expanded awareness to inspired creativity and growth.
When you put your energy into judging what you have or the mistakes you have made, you have little focused energy available for creating what you want.
In other words, judging what you have created and experienced is wasting of time and energy.

See what you have.
Value what you value.
When you no longer value what you have, let it go, change it or choose to see it differently.
Keeping yourself surrounded by old stuff, outgrown relationships with an and outdated self image keeps you stuck in the past and avoiding the present.

When you want something…
A new job, more financial freedom , better health and self-image, inspiring friendships, a more harmonious family….

Envision it. Get a clear mental image, of what you really want and what fits with your values.
Trust that your faith in God, Universal Creative Potential, Higher Power or affirmations will work.
Allow yourself to be hungry and motivated by your desire for what you really want.
Make your own mission statement, listing goals and priorities. “I do my part to have what I really want. “
Commit to persist without doubt, until you experience what you want to experience.
Begin by doing first things first. Do what you know you can do to experience what you want to have.
Appreciate every step along the way. Appreciate risks and “failures” from which you learned.”

Begin where you are. Just do whatever you can do everyday in everyway.
No limits, No mental messages of impossibility.
You can do it, when you believe you can do it. You can achieve what you conceive and believe.

Loving you,
Betty Lue