Tuesday, December 07, 2004

“Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.” 

If it isn’t your business, let it be.
If you can’t make positive change, let it be.
If it will cause harm, let it be.
If you don’t have a positive solution, let it be.

Can you trust that all things work together for good?
Can you see that when you interfere, it distracts?
Can you believe that experiencing natural consequences is an effective way to learn?
Can you let go of pushing and protecting and allow others to find their own way?

Often we believe we know what is best for others when we are not living our best.
Often we have pearls of wisdom when we are not listening to what we say.
Often we assert our ideas where there are unwanted or devalued.
Often we believe we can make, convince and manipulate others to change.

Learning to observe is to let it be.
Learning to forgive is to let it be.
Learning to bless is to let it be.
Learning to love is to let it be.

Love is being willing to trust in the process.
Love is freeing others to live life their way.
Love is forgiving our judgments of others.
Love is bless all that is with the grace of awareness.

Loving you and me and all,
Betty Lue