Monday, December 13, 2004

Who Do You Serve? 

Just returned from a fantastic two-day training in “Lead Like Jesus’ at the Crystal Cathedral.
It was inspiring, moving and touched the core of my being.
Robert and I went, curious and open to learn as we always are.

Some of the questions we were called to ask ourselves, as we looked at our own spiritual beliefs and our secular activities in everyday life:

Who Am I ?
Whose Am I?
What and Whom Do I Serve?
How to I touch and teach and reach out?
Am I a self-serving leader or a servant leader?
What are the qualities of a servant leader?
How does the servant leader awaken and inspire, lead and relate?

This was a combination of the best in both the ideal world, focusing us on realizing the fullness of each person, and the business world, which has often focused on money and corporate success. I found myself imagining that parents, friends, people in all walks of life could become servant leaders, being led by their highest values, leading only to support the potential of others. I could see many of you learning when to direct, coach, support or delegate by knowing the competency level and confidence level of your children, your mate as well as those in the business community and church or organization. While I was led to this conference to learn and be inspired, to see the Glory of Christmas and to fill my own cup with inspiration, little did I know how much it answers the dilemmas in leadership which I have studied over the years. There is a leadership gap which is calling to be filled. I will be taking the facilitation training in February, so that we can offer this extremely well created program for those who seeking to learn to “Lead Like Jesus”.

Who and what do you serve?
How are you serving the greater Good?
What do you do to prepare yourself for servant leadership?
How can you listen deeply and follow the calling in your heart?

As always, I will continue to share the best I know.
Loving and blessing our journey together,
Betty Lue