Monday, January 24, 2005

Back on Line 

“Always in Love, even when not in worldly communication.”

Can you imagine that anyone who ever left you for any reason, always is loving you?
Can you make up that those who have said unkind things, have merely lost touch?
Can you believe that everyone is a loving Spirit who sometimes forgets themselves?

Even in death, divorce, breakup and separation, there is Eternal Love.
Our work here is to remember our True Identity and to live by giving the Love We Are.
Those who have forsaken and betrayed you are lost souls who have forgotten.
Those who have abandoned you are those who have abandoned themselves and their Source.
Those who criticize you are those who are critical of themselves.
How we see ourselves is what we believe is true about others.
How we relate to ourselves is how we learn to relate with others.
Our self hatred is projected onto our children and those we love.
Our self forgetting is the root of our ignorance and blindness to the holiness in others.

So when others judge and condemn you, take nothing personally.
When others persecute you, know they feel persecuted.
Respond with Love for yourself.
Respond with forgiveness of any place where you take on others’ judgments.
Respond with a willingness to remember what is true about Love.
Respond with the joy of giving what you want to receive.
Respond with extending peace to those who are not peaceful.

To lift others to their highest potential is my work and my function and my life.
I model, teach and encourage everyone to :
Forgive yourself.
Believe in yourself.
Listen deeply within to what is highest and best in You.

As parent and partner, as therapist and teacher, as coach and counselor,
we can only give what we have given and received for ourselves.
So awaken yourself to the awareness that you are loved.
Remember that all mistakes are forgiven.
Believe that you are created to be happy and free.
Give yourself the opportunity to live your Best and give your Best.
The world will be blessed by You.

I am loving you,
I am here for you as coach, counselor, friend and mentor.
I am here for you to awaken and inspire you to remember.
Betty Lue