Friday, February 25, 2005

Attached or Addicted? Get a Life! 

Human beings seem to acquire cravings, habits, addictions and attachments.
Our physical and emotional beings like comfort and familiarity.
We may believe that letting go is dangerous, difficult and sorrowful.
We also like energy lifts, adrenalin rush and the pleasure of something new.
We may feel that energy feeds our desire for pleasure.
We become addicted to momentary bursts of pleasure or habituated to everyday comforts.
Life then becomes a cycle of highs and lows, ups and downs, which tell our minds, we are “alive”.
Adrenalin “junkies” or “couch potatoes” or both.
We can become addicted to pain, addicted to depression, addicted to self-cruelty,
just as we can become addicted to drugs, pornography or ice cream.
Addictions have many causes.
Explaining and justifying “Why?” yields an endless maze of lies.

Whether attached, habituated, addicted or craving, we become slaves of physical and emotional desires, which distract, detour and delay our Self Realization.
We use life’s temptations to cover our fear of living.
When I see creativity, individuality, freedom and whole life success fall prey to learned limits, I sometimes suggest it is time to “GET A LIFE”.
Many people are afraid to LIVE.
Many are afraid to LOVE.
Many people are afraid to LET GO.

We are here for a relatively brief time on this earth.
It is our time to shine, to carry a message of freedom and love, creativity and joy, healing and peace.
Each of us carries a light, a message, a promise.
Each one of us is giving and receiving, healing and awakening, remembering and realizing Truth.
If we forsake our purpose, we grieve.
If we leave our path, we feel lost.
If we stop loving, we begin to die.
If we separate from our Source, we lose confidence.
When we are not living a meaningful life, we long for solace, salvation and something more.
When we seek after worldly pleasures rather than lasting treasures, we find empty fulfillment.
When we seek to get from others and from our life, we are dependent on what others give.
When given the good stuff, we are pleased and want more.
When given the leftovers or nothing, we are displeased, sad and feel lost, left and unloved.
When we seek to receive from this world, we will get whatever is being given in that moment.

To find lasting fulfillment and joy, we must give.

It is in giving that we receive the riches of Eternal treasure.
No one can take away the joy and hope and love you give to another.
Only you can forsake you, when you betray your heart and give only what you get.
To be whole and fulfilled, it is essential that we give freely and fully from the depths of our being.
Each of us has a wellspring of Love and Joy and Wisdom within.
If the well has been covered over with worldly temptation, promises of love and wealth, fame and glory,
you may have forgotten the wealth of Infinite Potential within You.

If you are living your life based on what others give you, you will be short changed.
If you are living your life based on what you think you can and cannot give, you will be limited.
If you are living your life based on what others believe you have to give, you will be deceived.
If you are living your life based on what you think you are and think you know, you will be mistaken.

Your magnificence, greatness, true success and spiritual fulfillment come only in giving and for giving.
Life really is for giving.
You are the gift.
Only as you fully give your whole and Holy Self will you come to realize the world needs you.
The world waits for your Love.
The world is healed and blessed, when you really show up and give.

Loving You wholly and Holy,
Betty Lue