Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Healing and Helping 

On Friday afternoon, my husband Robert had surgery and was home again by noon on Saturday.
We envisioned the best, most fun, safe and easy procedure and it was amazing. The hospital and staff treated us like we were their only patient, personal attention, quiet environment and no pain. Some of you know Robert has a neurological diagnosis which limits him from doing what he has always done…work all the time. Bottom line, his physiology has stopped him, so he can remember to live spiritually.

The following are his words: the morning following surgery:
“Healing without vision/mission/purpose is impossible.
Vision/mission/purpose without healing is impossible.
The degree of passion for one’s vision/mission/purpose defines one’s degree of aliveness and vitality.
All illness and dis-ease is a call to renewed vision/mission/ purpose.”
Robert Waldon

Physical pain and disease are a wakeup call.
When we are going in the wrong direction, our spirit (Higher Self) will give us signs to redirect us.
When heeded, we simply and easily change course.
When ignored the signs become stronger and more obvious.

We must know where we are and where we are going in order to get there.
Otherwise we may find ourselves in a cave, a prison, at the edge of an abyss or in hell.
When the lost follow the lost, all is lost.
When the lost follow the light, they at least see where they are going.
When the lost follow the enlightened ones, it is likely to find what is found with enlightenment.

Before you follow anyone, discover where they are and where they are going.

My way of helping Robert is to see him healed and whole.
I trust his process and free him from duty and obligation to explore and find vision/ mission/purpose.
I celebrate his self forgiveness, and acceptance. I honor his exploration. I love his willingness.
I know that each one of us must find our own path home.
Each one has a different function in the Divine Plan.
Each one is essential to the Circle of Life.
Each one has a perfect part and role to play.
As we love (trust and free) one another, we all find our way to fulfill our vision, mission and purpose.

Healing for me is being aware of who I am and why I am here.
Healing is loving myself and my calling.
Healing is knowing when I am off purpose, forgiving my error and choosing again.
Healing is remembering my wholeness and holiness through all circumstances and conditions.
Healing is trusting in God and in Goodness, God’s Love, in all things.

“Be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

Helping and healing by remembering,
Betty Lue