Saturday, February 26, 2005

Needy? Be Helpful. 

Needing love and affection?
Give love and affection.
Needing wisdom and advice?
Listen to the advice and wisdom you share with others.
Needing comfort and support?
Give comfort and support.
Needing security and worldly provision?
Give security and financial contributions
Needing inspiration and joy?
Give inspiration and joy.

Give what you want to have.
Give from the inner resource of your own Good.
Get the energy moving from within you.
Notice that you receive from the giving.
What we contribute is not lost but remains as a blessing.
What we give is a reminder of what is available within.
What we share with another we are realizing for ourselves.
What we give we always receive for it returns in many ways.

Who can you give to?
Give to someone or something you love and appreciate.
If there is no person who calls to give, give to an animal or to a cause.
Volunteer in a hospital or home for those you care about.
Join a support group, community resource center or church.
Contribute to a neighbor or someone you read about.
Where you are moved emotionally, feeling compassion and love, GIVE.

Your heart knows where you must flow your energy.
Life is full of spiritual assignments and projects.
When we ignore what comes our way, we feel spiritually bereft.
When we respond to the calling of our heart, we feel fulfilled and blessed.
When we turn our back on someone who asks for help, we fear the same when we cry out.
When we judge and fear those who make requests, we are owning that we fear our own neediness.

Make sure you give yourself and others what really benefits.
Make sure you are not filling a pothole only until the next rain washes it out.
Make sure you are not building dependency on you as the savior and provider.
Make sure you are teaching people to take care of themselves, rather than doing it for them.
Make sure you are giving from love and not to seek approval or favors in return.
Make sure you are honest and giving what you have rather than from someone else’s pocket.
Make sure you are taking impeccable care of yourself and your family first.
Make sure you are listening, observing and learning from every act of givingness.
Make sure you own the places where you are needy and respond to Self with compassion and kindness.
Make sure you trust in the strength and wisdom of Spirit working through you.
Make sure you feel gratitude for your willingness and ability to love, give and serve.

I only give what I have received and choose to remember.
Betty Lue