Friday, February 11, 2005

Never Quit on Love 

When Light has come to awaken and inspire, will it be welcomed?
When Love has been given, will it be rejected?
When gratitude is shared, will it be received and appreciated?
When forgiveness is offered, will it be gratefully accepted?

When you shine your light into dark corners of your family, you may be criticized.
When you show up at a party uninvited, you may be turned away.
When you arrive in a relationship that is without intimacy, you may be pushed back.
When you give your love to those who feel unloveable, you may be scorned.
When love and light are belittled, know there is fear just as there is need.
When love and light are shared and not received, there is resistance to being seen and revealed.

The presence of unselfishness reveals selfishness in others.
The presence of joy reveals the sorrow and grief in others.
The presence of light reveals the darkness in others.
The presence of unconditional positive regard reveals the disrespect and negativity in others.

Love attracts everything unlike love for the purpose of healing.
Light shows all the dark corners that call for cleaning.

When stuck in fear, we may fight for our righteousness ways.
When lost in misguided confusion, we may reject wise direction.
When caught in our own illusion, we may resist enlightenment.
When dependent on our limited beliefs, we may see only what is ours.

Light to be welcomed, must be invited.
Love to be received, must await an opening.

Love holds no grievances, and welcomes an invitation.
Light judges nothing, but sees everything.

And so it is in all relationships, we are called together to reveal with Light and heal with Love.

Blessed are those who seek nothing and give All,
Betty Lue