Saturday, February 05, 2005

No Judgment, No Blame 

My judgments in the greater picture mean nothing.
My blaming another accomplishes nothing.
Perceptions are a result of my inner focus and intention.
Taking responsibility for my life and my experiences is effective.

What I perceive I strengthen.
When I see lack, I increase lack.
When I see wholeness, I expand wholeness.
What I see with a judging mind is lack, littleness and limitation.
What I see with an enlightened mind is abundance, greatness and possibility.

My work is to forgive judgments, erase misperceptions and undo beliefs in lack, littleness and limitation.
When I see with forgiving eyes, I see what is beneath the temporary worldly experience.
I see light and enlightenment.
I see love and holy relationships.
I see joy and creativity.
I see freedom and trust.
I see goodness and beauty.
I see abundance and generosity.
I see patience and honesty.
I see hope and faith.
I see potential and possibility.

My holy work is to see with forgiving eyes.
My holy work is to hear with forgiving ears.
My holy work is to give with forgiving hands.
My holy work is to be holy loving and holy living.

Loving you holy,
Betty Lue