Sunday, February 06, 2005

Wholeness and Holiness 

Those who are whole make no demands.
When we are complete we need nothing.
When we are whole, we demand nothing.
When we are full, we need no fulfilling.
When we are happy, need no diversion.
When we are at peace, we need no comfort.
When we are in love, we need no encouragement.
When we are inspired, we are naturally inspiring.

Whatever we have given or denied ourselves will show up in our relationships.
Whatever thoughts we have fed ourselves will display themselves in our emotions.
Whatever beliefs we hold about anyone will be expressed in our thoughts, words and actions.
Whatever we give ourselves is our responsibility.

When we are expressing demands, we are feeling needy.
When we act angry, we are hurting because of some hurtful thoughts.
When we feel sick, we have taken on what is not wholly healthy for me.
When we am lacking, we have denied ourselves what we want.

It is our responsibility to keep ourselves whole and holy.
It is our responsibility to feed our body and our soul with healthy food.
It is our responsibility to respond to our emotions by changing our thoughts.
It is our responsibility to clear our fears with right thinking and right action.

Remember, when we give what we don’t want, we fear getting it back.
Our unconscious knows what we give we will receive.
(If we are demanding, much will be demanded of us.)
We are responsible for our whole life balance, our attitude, our physical vitality and our spiritual focus.
Our wakeup calls are the signs and symptoms of distress: illness, pain, negative emotions, “accidents”.

When we find ourselves experiencing what we do not want to think, feel or do, it is our work to immediately stop….look within and listen quietly to what is calling for healing, correction, forgiveness and renewal.

The holy One is peaceful, happy and giving.
The wholesome one shares freely his wholeness.
The whole one is respectful and grateful for everyone and everything.
The Holy One blesses everyone everywhere.

This is our calling and our Holy work,
Betty Lue