Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Interruptions and Interferences 

What do you do with what seems to get in your way?
What do you do with the obstacles that come up every day?
What do you do when interrupted in what you are about to say?
What do you do when your own thinking seems to block your flow?

Let go and choose again.
Forgive, release and keep loving.
Trust all is in Divine order.
Know what is experienced is an out-picturing of your inner process.

Are you patient with the delays?
Have you delayed yourself in fulfilling your agreements?
Are you distracted by life’s interruptions?
Have you detoured yourself with following another’s path?

In time, we can encourage ourselves to be patient and keep going.
In time, we can give ourselves permission to experience the feelings.
In time, we have the opportunity to look for the hidden value.
In time, we may want to see it all as being ”on purpose”.

If there are no accidents…
If you are always in the right place..
If life is about remembering to love…
Maybe everything is an opportunity to remember.

Sometimes there is an awareness of an unfulfilled need that has remained unconscious until you get upset.
Sometimes there is a self respect issue that has gone unnoticed until you feel your frustration.
Sometimes there is a loss of purposeful focus, so that your distractions can interfere with fulfillment.
Sometimes there is a need to stop what you are doing, look at where you are and listen within.

Use every moment, every distraction, interruption, detour and delay as a wakeup call.
No need to get stuck in the judgment or fear.
Feel the feeling.
Love yourself anyway.
Choose again.

Loving you as we move right on through,
Betty Lue