Wednesday, March 02, 2005


If you are inquisitive and committed to spiritual growth and enlightenment…
If you want to be naturally happy, healthy and fulfilled….
If you are open and willing to do the work with patience and persistence….
If your life and your world enough to want to be of heartfelt service…
Read on.

Here are a few of my favorite things to inspire my life.
A Course in Miracles
Lost Language of God, Greg Braden (10 CD’s available through Nightingale-Conant)
Prayer of Jabez, Dream Giver, Beyond Jabez, by Bruce Wilkinson
Hour of Power, Sunday mornings on Lifetime and Discovery with Rev. Robert Schuller
Spiritual Cinema Circle, monthly DVD’s sent out
Jesus as CEO, Laurie Beth Jones
Jesus and Buddha: Parallel Sayings
The Tao of Leadership
False Fat Diet, Elson Haas, MD
The Maker’s Diet

Love Your Self. It is your primary responsibility to heal, love and grow your whole and Soul Self.
Develop new habits in eating, sleeping hours, nature, creativity, contribution and service.
Sit in a sacred place and listen within daily. Write what you hear/feel with your heart.
Minimize media and bring at least one hour of silence into your life daily.
Keep your home environment beautiful, orderly and harmonious. Start with one room.
Life Coaching (weekly or monthly contract) on the phone or in person. Essential to be accountable.

You are more important than you know.
Your life is your soul’s responsibility.
Make sure you are giving yourself the very best each and every day.
Your life will dramatically improve starting when you make the sincere choice.

If you want to know more specifics, call or email.
I live what I teach.
I explore and experiment to discover what is best for myself.
I learn and teach as I go, offering the best that I know.
Each one of us is different, so know your own plan must be individually designed for You.
There is no one like you. No one can take your place. Your whole and holy self is needed.
Step up and say YES to what you know heals, inspires and expands you to be your very best now.

Loving and Believing in YOU,
Betty Lue