Monday, May 02, 2005

Take Care of Your Own 

I am responsible for all who comes to me for Love.
I am responsible to Love those I am given to Love.
I am responsible to be fully present with each child.
I am responsible for all children of the Earth.

This is Your Child, just as I Am.
This is Your Miracle of Love, just as I Am.
This is Your Precious Soul, just as I Am.
This is Your Sacred Creation, just as I AM.

Whose is mine and what is Yours?
Where does "Mine" begin and "Yours" start?
Who belongs to my family and whose to yours?
How can I ignore what is here, given to me to Love?

Being "responsible" means I cannot ignore anyone who is in my arms.
Being "responsible" means I cannot neglect anyone who is in my home.
Being "responsible" means I answer every call for healing and help.
Being "responsible" means I am on call for God and for Good.

Being in Love is a sacred covenant of responsibility.
Opening your heart to Life requires a commitment to Give.
Devoting ourselves to the Creation of Good requires even more.
When I see hunger, disease and suffering, what can I do?

We each have many parts to play in the circle of life.
We each have many functions to fill.
We can contribute the best that we have to better life for All.
We can wholeheartedly support and encourage one another to give joyfully.

The more I have the more grateful I am.
The more I am grateful I am, the more I have to give.
The more I have to give, the more I benefit from giving.
And the more fulfilled I am to be abundant, happy and grateful.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

I am aware children everywhere are part of my family.
I care for those nearby and then those far away.
I give what and when and how I am called from Spirit within.
Yes, we care for our mothers (one here 2 minutes away and one in NC)
Yes, we care for our grandchildren, Gia in Petaluma 1 hr. away and two babies in SF 45 min. from us.
Yes, we will care and give as we are called from within.
Yes, we will be going to Africa in August to plant gardens for the end to hunger there. More later.
Yes, you can join us in giving to those who come into your life.
Giving is the source of true joy.