Sunday, July 10, 2005

Human Desire 

"Another shortcoming of desire is that it leads to so much that is undesirable."
Lama Zopa Rinpoche, "The Door to Satisfaction"

The word "de sire" means from the Father.
From spiritual perspective, all desire must come from our Inner Voice, the call to live more spiritually.
Listen within and ask only for the Highest Good, God's Will.

Human desire feeds our physical and emotional neediness with what we make up will numb the pain, fill the lack or make us feel whole again. Human desire leads to craving and addiction, the habit of covering up our separation from our whole and Holy Self. Human desire is to stop what hurts and make us feel good, if only temporarily. Often alcohol and drugs, TV and video games, working and raging, sex and violence, are temporary escapes from the pain of living off purpose, with meaningless work, unhappy relationships and no source of real guidance and Love.

Our addictive culture is avoiding the real problem, separation for Self and from Source.
As we spiral into the hell of our own avoidant behavior and habitual cover-up, we lose consciousness and fall into the oblivion of endless days and empty nights.
Some choose illness and death.
Some choose chasing dreams of wealth and power.
Some choose getting high in diverse forms.
Some choose doing harm and causing pain.
Some choose mental despair and emotional drama.
Some choose endless seeking and not finding.
Some choose moving and changing, novelty and diversity.
Some choose God and religion.
Some choose service and contribution.
Some choose peace and love for all.
Some choose to wakeup, forgive the errors and choose again.

Whatever you use or choose, take responsibility for your choice and your experience.
Whatever you use or choose, be clear it is what you value and support.
Whatever you use or choose, notice you are teaching everyone in your world.
Whatever you use or choose, know you are passing on your legacy and leading your children.
Whatever you use or choose, know you can choose again at any time for what is best for you.

Desire, addiction, habit, compulsions and obsession are merely covers for inner pain and separation from your authentic self. To come home to the Real You will lead you to happiness, freedom and inner peace.

Loving you,
Betty Lue