Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ideal Relationships 

So many are seeking their ideal, when they do not value what they have.
So many believe they are without, when they do not look within.
So many judge what is not there, when they cannot see what is.
So many compare what others have, when they do not value themselves.

Your ideal comes not from wishing for something more, but for idealizing what you have.
Your ideal is found within yourself, rather than seeking for an external to complete you.
Your ideal is earned when you have ceased to chase a myth and enjoy what is experienced.
Your ideal is ever changing as you grow and gain an expansive view of reality.

This world invites us to vision and manifest.
If you do not see and accept what you have already manifested for yourself, how can you expand your vision?
See your dreams and be grateful.
See your children and be content.
See your achievements and be pleased.
See your travels and be happy.
See your health and be thankful.
See your wealth and be comfortable.
See your problems and trust.
To see what you have created is the way to learn and earn an expanded awareness of what you do and what is true.

Remember what you think, both consciously and unconsciously create.
Each thought, belief, attitude, memory shapes what you perceive.
And in turn you may allow each perception to generate what you think.
Every thought is communicated.
"This is not OK with me." And it won't be.
"I am never enough." And you will be.
"I want something more or different." And you will go on wanting.
"How can I ever get what I deserve?" and you are left with the eternal question.

What you say generates response and teaches your world.
Every word is heard, vibration, intention and emotion.
This too creates an experience in people, plants, all life and the Universal Force, as well as reinforces what is in you.
What you do and say with love and joy begets more love and joy.
What you do and say with caution and defensiveness creates more of the same.

As we grow in consciousness and spirituality, we are more capable and responsible for being happy willing learners and choosing what is for the highest Good.
As we gain respect and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives we cooperate with the Universe and live by spiritual principles.
As we learn how to vision and manifest by appreciating our creations, we earn the power to choose again with respect and full responsibility without judgment for what we have.

This is a fail safe world in which each of us is here to learn to take full conscious responsibility by being a happy willing learner.
This is spiritual kindergarten and elementary school.
Let us easily learn from all we have though, said and done and simply choose to live in appreciation and open-mindedness for what we have and give and believe.

I am grateful for this manifest world on which I can see my creations.
I am open and willing to learn.
I take full responsibility for my whole life and respect my learning process.
I am happy with what I have created and fully enjoy the fruits of my vision.
It is in this I realize the potential and power of my thoughts, words and deeds.

Loving you in realizing what is true.
Betty Lue

Remember: Blame and guilt teach you and others powerlessness and victimization.