Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Inspiration or Depression 

Energy moves.
Emotions are naturally energy in motion.
When we judge our emotions, we slow or stop the natural energy flow.
When we name our emotions without love, peace and neutrality we get stuck with what we name.
When we allow the emotional energy to simply flow through like passing clouds or a natural weather pattern, the energy keeps going.

Depression is blocked energy which slows or stops due to our fear, judgment and contracted state.
Depression is withheld energy.
When this energy is held long enough, there is a buildup or backlog of energy pushing for release.
Anger, violence, illness, pain, confusion can be the result.
It seems logical that we then need to flow the energy without judging it.
Physical exercise, creativity, singing, breathing, letting go and forgiveness are all pieces of effective flow.

Inspiration or the taking in of Spirit "breath", as in respiration, is the breathing or flow of life energy.
As we allow ourselves to breathe in new life energy, we feel renewed and revitalized.
As we let go of the blocks and withholds of love "energy", we feel fulfilled at a deeper level.
As we let love in and breathe love out into our world, we feel at one with the energy of life.
Where we withhold our energy and our love, we feel the lack of life with the accompanying contraction and fear.
Where we are blocked with fear, contraction, withholding, judgments, we feel depressed, slowed down, not fully alive and enthusiastic.

Often people become accustomed to this depressive state because it is part of their lifetime experience.
Often people use anger and resentment to push out the blocks temporarily.
Often people make excuses for the absence of ease and flow of love in their lives.
Often people prefer to continue doing what they have always done.

I am inviting you to be inspired.
I am encouraging you to fully and freely breathe.
I am guiding you to Love everyone, everywhere all the time.
I am inviting you to be the inspiration you are.

As you remember to extend only Love, you will be renewed, more alive, more connected and at peace.
As you remember to be inspired and to give inspiration, you will observe the world around you change.
As you remember to be the breathing and living source of Love, you will receive the Gift you give.
As you remember the Light which only you can shine, you will be the enlightenment right where you are.

Inspire yourself or depress yourself with your thoughts.
Criticism or blessing?
Worry or trust?
Doubt or faith?
Resentment or forgiveness?

Inspire or depress yourself with what you ingest.
Read bad news or good inspiration?
Study problems or solutions?
Eat processed dead unhealthy foods or fresh healthy live food?
Listen to painful angry lyrics or harmonious inspiring music?

Inspire or depress yourself with where and how you live and work.
Cluttered, dark surroundings or beautiful, harmonious environments?

Consider what you give yourself everyday and find a better way.
Betty Lue
"I am choosing the best I know for me and you."