Monday, July 11, 2005

Value What You Have 

If you have it, value it.
If you are experiencing lack in your life, choose gratitude instead.
If you are wishing for something different, appreciate the experience you are giving yourself.
If you have believed you are not enough, then appreciate the choice for holding back.

Trust that all you have chosen to be, to do and to have, have been perfect in the time of their choice.
Trust that when you have fully valued your choices, you can and will easily and naturally choose again.
Trust that the Universe supports you in your thinking, your feelings and your activities.
Trust that you have within you Abundance, Magnificence and Limitless Freedom of Choice.

You are more than you know because you are not ready to accept all that you are.
You have more than you know because you hide your power and your potential from yourself.
You can do more because you believe you can only do the little you know.
You are not yet willing to take full responsibility without guilt or blame.

Yes, when we judge what we have and who we are, we get stuck in the experience.
When we appreciate, value and receive the gift of what we have and who we are, we are free to choose.
The fastest easiest and more enjoyable way to live life always growing and expanding our consciousness is to validate and appreciate our present experience.
The way to get stuck is to avoid, criticize, resist and try to get rid of what we no longer want.

Valuing what you have enhances both the One who is valuing and what is valued.
Appreciating who you are increases your self knowledge, willingness and freedom to expand.
Enjoying life as it is releases attachment and wishes and opens the way to experience the joy in life.
What you are perceiving, you strengthen.
What you resist and avoid, you increase.
Wherever you place your attention and energy expands.
Your energy and mental focus create.
So choose to focus on gratitude, wholeness, ease and abundance.

Choose to remember to trust in the abundant Love you are.
Share this Love fully and freely with every breath and experience the world of expansive Love you create.

I value you. I value me.
I value Love being given endlessly.
Betty Lue

Off to the Zoo and Fairyland with Grandpa and Gia.
We will see the baby girls and other fun stuff.
Tonight is the Leadership class beginning at Unity. 7-9PM