Friday, July 08, 2005

You Have Time 

You have time for what really matters.
You have resources for what serves your highest Good.
You have energy to do what is yours to do.

When we gratefully let go of what we no longer value,
When we stop spending on what does not serve our Good,
When we relinquish duties and responsibilities that are not ours to do,
We always have the time, energy and resources for what brings us Joy.

The Universe, Divine Supply, God's Unlimited Abundance, provides for what is given us to be and do.
We tend to want to make things happen, to do life our way and to choose what we "think" is good for us.
We learn to listen to outside authority, parents, books, teachers and other beings who tell us their way.
We forget there is a Guide and Resource within each one that know the best foods, the best home, the best work, the best gifts, the best creations, the best ways to love and be loved.

The Spirit of Abundant Life would choose more simplicity, more honesty, more innocence, more playfulness, more freedom and more trust.
The Spirit of Joy in Living would invite us to a happier and more peaceful way to live.
The Spirit of Ease and Creation would call us to a vision of happy creations which we appreciate.
The Spirit of Goodness and Wellness would say seek only that which is what you value. Forget the rest.

As I rewrite the schedule of my daily life, I notice there is always time for what I value and enjoy doing, when I let go of what is no longer as important.

Currently we have two days +/weekly for Robert and I to be with the twin girls now ten weeks old.
It is a blessing to us all. Present Moment living and loving. We love to help out in the household with laundry, lunch, shopping, organizing and cleaning, plus being with the babies for feedings and play, walks everyday. Gia is with her Mom more this summer, but she will spend a few days with us, when her schedule allows, and more time again in her classroom when school begins again August 24. There is time for family gatherings, time for finishing my web site and editing the healing books for the publisher,
time for beautifying our home, more photos and creative projects, eating fresh organic vegetables and fruit smoothies, and exercise while we watch Tour De France cycling and favorite tennis tournaments.
There is blessed time with my clients, three afternoons and Sundays in my office, two classes each week and phone coaching on Tuesdays and by appointment. There is plenty of time for walking and swimming, reading and writing and always extending the love and appreciation I feel for all of you, my spiritual friends and loving reminders.

Plenty of time to remember Love,
Betty Lue