Sunday, September 04, 2005


I am shocked at our government's response to the disaster in Mississippi and Louisiana.
I am dismayed by reports of turning away help from other countries.
I am surprised at the slow and no response to what was predicted days ahead.
I am grieving that people with black skin and no money are treated so poorly.
It is a national disgrace that we are more concerned about gas and oil prices than about the people.

Now with my upset comes a wakeup call……
Wakeup Betty Lue.
Wakeup all of us who are upset.
Wakeup and face what is.
Wakeup and see what you can choose or change, correct or commit to do.
Wakeup and give what you would want to receive.
Wakeup and tell the truth.
Wakeup and contribute Good.
Wakeup and stay awake.

Let us do what is right and good and loving.

Are we doing what is fair?
Are we responding with our genuine care?
Are we giving all that we have to share?

There will be time to assess and learn from this tragedy…later.
But now we are needed to place all of our energy into helping.

What can we do to respond?
When we expect others to take care of us, do we forsake our responsibility?
When we trust the government to do the work, where have we placed our trust?
Are we so stripped of time, energy and resources that we cannot take care of our own people?
Are we so focused on terrorism that we must prosecute looters before we feed babies?
Are we so selfishly concerned about ourselves that we focus on gas prices rather than on the dying?
Are we so caught up in summer fun and school shopping that we forget to care about our brothers?

What can we do?
Send money to the American Red Cross.
Volunteer to help and rebuild if you have the calling and the ability.
Urge your government to get going on their commitment to protect the people.
Support everyone with prayers of provision, comfort and hope.
Love the ones you are with.
Appreciate what you have.
Give wherever your giving benefits others well-being.
Choose leaders who are conscious and responsive.
Be responsible for the problems that come your way.
Trust in the creative solutions that are heard in quiet inner peace.

Loving you is the best for me to do.
Betty Lue