Friday, September 02, 2005

Simple Courtesy 

We each are teaching are world and everyone in it by our everyday example.
The way we smile at strangers teaches people to trust one another.
The habit of saying "please" and 'Thank you" teaches appreciation.
Holding the door for others teaches helpfulness.
Slowing down for someone who is older or slower teaches kindness.
Asking for good service when traveling teaches integrity.
Maintaining emotional calm in times of stress teaches inner peace.
Focusing on the person with whom you are talking teaches honor for the individual.
Taking time to really appreciate the good deeds done by others teaches the increase of goodness.
Remembering to be helpful and courteous with family members teaches no taking for granted.
Really listening and responding when someone expresses a need teaches value for caring.

Can we remember that each one is the Holy One?
Can we relate to family members as though they are honored guests?
Can we give each one the BEST we have in thought, word and deed?
Can we respect and appreciate ourselves for giving our best daily?
Can we give time, energy and money to those who contribute and do good as well as to those in need?
Can we openly express our love, appreciation and value for one another?
Can we make the world is a little better and brighter each day by polishing it with our loving kindness?

I love remembering to say "please" and "thank you".
I know it is teaching all of us to remember to give our best.
It all begins with you and me.

Gratefully and with much Love,
Betty Lue