Sunday, October 02, 2005


When you come home from a time away, it is valuable to be grateful for the leaving and the return.

One way of coming home is to feel grateful and bless, where I have been and those whom I have met.
I look forward to my own bed, going grocery shopping and getting involved in my daily activities.
I make a list on the ride home of calls, plans, projects and changes in routine which I intend.
I use the time away to "upgrade" my life, to let go and release whatever no longer serves my happiness.

Whether for an overnight holiday or an extended vacation, it is valuable to benefit all parts of your life.
We may see a trip or vacation as something separate, a special event or disconnected from the mundane.
I see it as an extended meditation in which I clear my vision and perceive what I truly value.
I can "tweak" my life and make it support and benefit my highest vision for myself and my true work.

Some experience the high and low of pre-miracle anxiety and post-miracle depression, before and after a time away or a special event.
It is healing simply to be aware of that possibility. I make transition almost seamlessly by packing only a few hours before leaving and keeping my daily routine going. And on my return, I have unpacked, washed clothes and moved into everyday life with a few hours. Life itself is so filled with miracles when we are present, and in the now with gratitude.

If willing to vacate the ordinary and see things with a fresh outlook, life can be filled with joys daily.
Each of us can take five minutes of reflection, an evening of doing what we love or a weekend getaway to give ourselves a treat,
a mini-vacation.

You can take a walk and ask the question, "How can I improve the quality of my life today?"
You can ask in morning meditation, "How can I support myself in being my best?"
You can write in your journal a list of “ways to take impeccable care of yourself.”

We will be taking a group on retreat again next year, so do plan on joining us if you are called.
We love to " get away" , to make new friends, create spiritual family, to inspire awakening, healing and growth, as well as see our lives from a fresh perspective.

I am loving and blessing you in beholding the rich and abundant life you have right now!
Betty Lue