Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It Takes a Village 

Together, we can do anything with willingness, trust and gratitude.

It takes a village to raise a child well.
It takes a community to help a family thrive.
It takes a caring team to heal a person's life.
It takes all of us to bring peace to our world.
Feed the hungry.
Teach the ignorant.
Heal the dis-ease.
Befriend the lonely.
Meet the strangers.
Connect with the withdrawn.
Reach out to the elderly.
Read to the blind.
Comfort the grieving.
Assure the fearful.
Offer hope to the despairing.
Give inspiration to the heart sick.

Love matters.
Love makes a difference.
Love finds a way.
Love keeps on giving.
Love touches deeply.
Love respects differences.
Love responds with kindness.

How do we find a team?
How do we create a community?
Where do we find our village?

Intentional communities exist all over the planet.
Kiwanis, Rotary, churches and non-profits all invite members to participate.
When you find a fit for you, play until the game is no longer fun, safe and easy for you.
Express yourself, keep your agreements, give your best and take nothing personally.
The politics and dysfunctions of any organization or family belong to them.
Your work is to learn how to respond with love and respect for them and for the spirit within you.
Informal gatherings of people, committed to live in love and give from love, work.
Organization, complexity and money/time expenditures may diminish the natural joy.

I was raised in a family of helpers, those who sought always to treat others with respect and loving kindness.
Many times as a young child I was encouraged to be present, to be a helper, to give what I could.

At 10 years old I spent my summer as a mother's helper for a woman with an infant and a 2 yr. Old cerebral palsied child.
I helped Bobby learn to walk, feed himself and took care of him and his baby sister in many ways.
My youth was spent working with the "mentally retarded, inner city families, the elderly in nursing homes, hospitalized children and those kids left out in my school settings.
I learned to grow in love and faith, in kindness and comfort, in love and wisdom.
It was fun, safe and easy for me.
Now our world needs all this and so much more.

Having founded 14 non profit community healing centers in CA, MI, IN, NC, MT and building thousands of intimate healing relationships has taught me much. And there is so much still to learn. Following spiritual guidance and inner knowing, supporting my family and these centers financially, inviting those who really wanted to play and work together, we created Good for the joy of doing Good. Our own Good always expands and we are blessed. And if there is a problem, we practice the same spiritual principles that we offer to others. As a team, a cooperative, responsible and co-creative unit, we are inspired by one another to envision and do great things with gratitude, respect and love.

"What can I do?" is always the question I ask myself.
I begin with what I have and where I am.
I am beginning once again by asking you to join me in asking, "What can we do?"
Our world needs us.
Our families need us.
We need to help ourselves.

Let's begin.
Betty Lue

I am gathering those who want to support their own giving nature.
I am calling forth those who seek to give from their hearts.
I am inviting those who want to support other servers and light workers.
There is no money or time requirement, only that you honor your heart.
Some will meet through email.
Some will meet in person. Some will work and play together.
Some will watch and pray and love.
Some will learn and some will teach.
All will be blessed.
It is in giving that we receive.
Is there something more you want to do with your life?
Call me at 800-919-2392 or email me here.