Saturday, December 03, 2005

No Fighting, Yelling or Swearing, Please 

Dumping toxins on loved ones is a bad habit.
Just because we were dumped on, does not give us the right to dump on others.
Just because we have strong feelings, doesn't entitle us to dump negativity whenever we feel like it.
Just because the world seems to be a garbage dump, doesn't mean we should join the pollution gang.

Some people feel that expressing all feelings is healthy.
Pooping is healthy, but not in the living room or kitchen.
Healthy emotions are energy in motion.
Healthy emotions are used to do good.
When we judge ourselves and others, we cannot let go.
The emotional movement stops or slows and the energy becomes toxic.
When emotions are clogged, we get constipated with rage or depression, craziness and obsession.
To clear emotional pipes, we must create safe and effective emotional colonics and enemas.
Negative feelings become toxic and poisonous to us, when we hold and suppress them.
Negative feelings are toxic and poisonous to those who receive them and believe them.
Negative feelings are the waste product of ineffective living and unhealthy life choices.
These toxic emotions are meant to be pooped in private or in a therapeutic environment.

To let go and blast ugliness and unkindness, wherever we feel the intensity, makes others sick.
The sickness spreads and our culture becomes infected.

We have an epidemic of disrespect, anger and fear.
We have family systems and relationships where fighting and hatred is the expected behavior.
We have homes where children and parents yell at each other.
We have sitcoms where swearing and disrespect is "funny".
We have classrooms and schools where children fight and are violent in language and behavior.
We have communities and freeways where people use guns and knives to end disputes.
We seem to believe that war, hatred and violence is usual and to be expected.

Peace begets peace.
Respect creates respect.

Taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings and behavior is the first step.
You are not responsible for my thoughts, emotions and behavior. I Am.
When I take responsibility for the cold I have, I don't try to give it to you.
I take care of myself, until I get well.
When I have to poop or puke, I go into the bathroom and close the door.
I clean up my own messes, mistaken choices, and hurts.
I don't try to dump them on you with blame or guilt.
I don't expect you to make my life better and safer and more loving and fun.
I let go with inner work, journaling, forgiveness, exercise, breath, gratitude, affirmation, etc.
I make amends for any harm I may have done.
I can apologize, correct my behavior, ask for help, make better choices, take impeccable care of me.
I mind my own business and clean my own house, inner and outer.
If I am asked by another to help clean up their life, their home and make better choices, I consider my own first.
I make sure I am totally willing and able to help, without sacrifice.
I listen and practice with integrity everything I say and do to help another.
I do not offer help, advice or counsel unless specifically asked.
I use the opportunity to help, when asked, to remind me, reaffirm my choices and commit to conscious respectful living.

Choosing consciously to speak and act with respect, kindness and openness to all, including myself.
Betty Lue