Thursday, December 08, 2005

What I Do 

To heal we must love ourselves well.
To learn we must enjoy making mistakes.
To love we must clear the fear of trusting.
To relate we must perceive without judgment.
To create we must open our minds to the unlimited.
To be enlightened we must forgive all the darkness.
I have been asked what I do to help others both, personally and as a professional.
This my my inner response.

Am I Therapist, Coach, Consultant, Educator and/or Spiritual Guide?

What is it that I offer?
I see life from your perspective.
I trust you and free you to be you.
I discover your values and your path.
I respect your life journey as sacred.
I see and value your Authentic Self.
I join with you in creating what you want.
I encourage you to find what is true for you.
I help you laugh, let go, love and appreciate who you are.
I listen within to higher wisdom and honor inspired guidance.
I invite experimentation, observation and Self realization.
I open the door to other ways to communicate and relate.
I care and share everything I know that may be of value to you.
I meet with you in person, on the phone and in prayer, wherever best for you.
I provide knowledge, wisdom, observation, creativity and possible solutions.
I give the best I have and know and am each time we encounter one another.
I inspire, educate, facilitate and relate with real practical guidelines and reminders.
I love you well with all the love and wisdom, experience and knowledge I have received.

What I usually do not do:
I do not spend time getting acquainted. I know you intuitively more than from history.
I do not try to diagnose or analyze. I focus on goals and direction rather than how you are lost.
I do not judge, criticize or blame anyone. I celebrate your learning and living and letting go.
I do not try to fix, correct or convince you. I see your mistakes as valuable learning, not wrong or foolish.
I do not do your inner healing work for you. I believe you pay me to help you get strong, whole and free.
I do not take much time and money to begin. I facilitate independence and self healing.
I do not expect you to buy, follow or believe me. I relate to you with respect for your conscious choices.
I do not ask you to talk a lot about your problems. One telling is enough to help me see your perspective.
I do not encourage negativity or unfocused anger. Emotions are energy to be used for doing good.
I do not use guilt or negative feelings to motivate. Guilt begets repeating the same behavior.
I do not ask you to revisit past problems, pain and suffering. Remembering past wrongs keeps you stuck.
I do not believe your past determines your present or future. You are free to choose again each moment.
I do not give you permission to hurt or blame yourself or others. I invite forgiveness and gratitude.
I do not follow your lead into hatred, profanity or disrespect. I lead by modeling unconditional love.

With Love,
Betty Lue