Sunday, December 04, 2005

What's Missing! 

Having just attended the memorial and celebration of the life for a beautiful sensitive and compassionate 28 year old young man,
I ask myself what is missing here on earth? Maybe we are!

I wonder how many are addicted to ending the pain.
I wonder who is just hanging on until it will all end.
I wonder how many feel lonely and abandoned.
I wonder who feels no love and lives in the cold.
I wonder how many children are going to bed with no supper.
I wonder who tucks them in and blesses their sleep.
I wonder how many use the television people to keep them company.
I wonder how many amazing talents are wasted with neglect.
I wonder how many people are hooked on drugs, both legal and illegal.
I wonder how many elderly and shut-ins are afraid of dying alone.
I wonder who has time to care.
I wonder who is discouraged, depressed and despairing.
I wonder how much it costs us to smile, to hug, to spend time.
I wonder who knows there is something more than simple survival.
I wonder who feels the call to help, to really do something good.
I wonder how we can change our society one by one to reach out with love.
I wonder if the only way to wake us up is to grieve the death of someone close.
I wonder if we can each make a difference by ourselves.
I wonder how much it would cost to begin right now.

What can we do to reach out with Love?
What can we do to do to heal our mistakes?
What can we do to be totally present and truly care?
What can we do to touch the heart of each one we meet?
What can we do to let everyone know we really care?
What can we do to not let money, time and busyness interfere?
What can we do to stop fixing, judging and expecting?
What can we do to create a safe, helpful and kind world for everyone?

I know we can each do our part everyday with everyone.
Together supporting, inspiring and encouraging one another we can do even more.

If you are feeling a need to "DO SOMETHING", please, email me or call.
I am seeking awakening compassionate people who want to serve with Love=Freedom and Trust.
I am inviting you to join with me to build a place where people feel safe and get the help they seek.
I am calling forth servers who want to connect , physically, mentally and spiritually with other servers.
No cost except you willingness to listen within and be guided by your heart connection with Spirit.

This is the season of Giving with Love.
This is the time to lift our voices with hope and faith.
This is the time to encourage one another.
We are each blessed with what really matters.
Let us be grateful and give what really matters.

Loving you with my whole Being,
Betty Lue