Sunday, January 08, 2006

Being Happy Is Fun, Safe and Easy! 

Who writes these daily reminders?
How do you live your life?
Where does your information come from?
Is is really possible to be truly happy?
How can you do so much?

These Loving Reminders are written usually in 10-20 minutes without thinking, outlining or editing.
They flow out of me naturally as I sit at the computer, usually first thing in the morning.
The ideas and words shared here come out as they are received, as easily as breathing.
I receive them personally, as messengers of Goodness and God must do. And I give them freely to you.
Receive them as gift from the Infinite to you, if they "resonate". If not, simply delete and trust all is well.

Since 1976 I have lived my life mostly by following inner guidance. In this same time of spiritual awakening beginning with a life path of A Course in Miracles, rebirthing (using conscious breathing to clear obstacles to the presence of Love) and affirmations, I began to sit in silence for a few minutes each early morning to listen and write what I "heard". I had no resistance or doubting of the pure loving guidance given me. I sat every morning at about 4 AM before children, chores and work called to me. Life was fun, safe and easy when I conscientiously trusted and followed this loving Inner Voice. Love leads us to be happy and at peace. Even when obstacles and challenges arose, Love led me to forgive myself quickly and return to peace and happiness.

From '76-'85 I was ordained as Minister of Reunion with a vibrant Sunday morning Fellowship, classes, counseling and ministry program as a church without walls, serving the community as we were called. With a staff of over 20 therapists and interns we offered our community valued services and programs seven days/week. In 1985 Robert and I joined in spiritual partnership and marriage and founded non-profit counseling and holistic healing centers in CA, MT, NC, IN and MI and taught hundreds of holistic practitioners, therapists, coaches and teachers attitudinal and conscious healing practices, communication and relationship skills through our Energetic Life Balancing Institute and Reunion Ministries. Our teaching and learning programs, included practical spirituality, guided by our inner teachers and included some external forms of attitudinal healing, A Course in Miracles, applied kinesiology, Touch for Health, Reiki and more. However, the real work being shared has always been to facilitate the spiritual gifts available to all of us be received and utilized. Since returning to the Bay Area in late 1998, I have been on call to my family and encouraged by inner guidance to begin the email ministry of Loving Reminders. While computer phobic and illiterate at that time, I began 1/1/99 and have sent daily messages (except when out of town or out of commission) since. I will continue until I am guided otherwise.

These inspirational messages are filtered through 30 years as a psychospiritual therapist and relationships counselor, interfaith minister, girl scout and community volunteer since I was 10, and the family values with which I was raised. I follow no external teacher or religious institution, since I am given inspiration and reminders within every day and every time I ask for guidance. Since birth, my Mom claims I have been happy, "effervescent B'Lue", and my happiness is a guiding light for me. When I am not happy, I have stepped off my path and am off purpose. I forgive any judgment I may have, listen within and choose again.

My life is now (following guidance), offering coaching and counseling about 3 days/week, 2 days with the twin babies girls, Harper and Lila (now 8 mos.) and one day with our 7 yr. old granddaughter Gia and her 2 mo. old sister Sofia. My 24/7 ministry with the global community for almost 25 years has shifted to more local family ministry the last seven years with less traveling and community programs. I continue to offer phone coaching and counseling and travel to Michigan/Indiana and North Carolina several times annually. We spend about 40 hours/week loving, sharing quality time, doing errands, home maintenance, financial and health consultation with extended family including 25 hours just with the children. This is fulfilling, inspiring, focusing and life-enhancing service. Financial shifts are managed by changing priorities, living simply and continuing to "Give All to All to have All." I continue to have the time, money and energy to follow my inner guidance and live with joy and gratitude in my heart.

More later on how to live a safe, fun and easy life.
If you want 30-60 minutes for personal coaching on inner listening, simply email me to set up time and contribute to our work as you are guided.

You too can have the life which will bring you happiness and inner peace. Trust and freedom are key.

Loving you,
Betty Lue