Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Count on Me 

You can count on me to always love you.

Even if we disagree, I still love you.
Even when our paths diverge, I still love you.
Even when you speak against me, I still love you.
Even when you behave without respect, I still love you.
Even when you forget the Love You Are, I still love you.

Wherever you go
Whatever you do,
However you think,
Whenever you sleep,
I am always loving you.

I am a True Believer.
I am an authentic Lover.
I am One who remembers.
Love is Who We Are.

Even when we lose our way.
Even when we fall asleep,
Even when we go astray.
Even when we forsake our Truth,
I am remembering Love is All That Is.

Within us,
Around us,
Over and above Us,
There is only Love.

Beyond the clouds of fear,
Under the illusion of forgetting our Essence,
Within the Heart of Everyone and All One of Us,
I see the Light of Goodness and Beauty.

You are me
And I am You.
There is only One of Us
It's True.

How can I love me without loving you?
How can I love you without loving me?
How can I love creator without loving Creation?
How can I make any part of Perfection less than Perfect?

This I know,
You can count on me to always remember.

I am loving you,
B'lue, Your Friend the True Believer.

May this year 2006 bring you every Good thing you need.
May you prosper in healing, purpose and conscious awakening.
May you enjoy your self, your life and your contributions.
You make a difference every moment in every way...
Always loving you.