Monday, January 02, 2006

First, Let Go 

Before you can see, you must let go of the misperceptions.
Before you can choose, you must have a clear perspective.
Before you can move freely, you must clear the obstacles.
Before you can know truth, you must forgive deception.

We already have too much cluttering our homes, our lives and our minds.
Our real work is to undo everything that is not essential to be healthy, happy and free.

Before we can know our heart, we must clear our mind of worry and fear, judgment and doubt.
Before we can live in integrity, we must let go of all inconstancy, distraction and detours.
Before we begin planting a fresh field of positive possibilities, we must plow under the past.
Before we can be resolute about the New Year, we must complete the old with honorable blessing.

Often we spend our lives collecting stuff…degrees, workshops and trainings, investments and memorabilia, awards and achievements and more.
We also collect memories, photos, relationships, history, with attached thoughts and feelings.
Our closets and drawers, attics and basements are full.
Our book shelves and garages are lined with stuff to read, remember and work on.
Our minds and desks are full of projects, "to do" lists, and stacks of what we think we should know.

To eat well, let go of everything in your kitchen and frig that is not good for you.
To think well, let go of everything in your mind and attitude, beliefs and thinking that is not good for you.
To live well, let go of everything in your houses, workplace and cars that is not good for you.
To love well, let go of letting anyone interfere with your choice to love and appreciate well.

Simplifying our minds and homes is a concept which "sounds" useful.
However, most of us think and own what we believe we need to have to be safe and secure.
In order to change your mind and your life, you must first be happy and willing to let go.
In order to choose again from an open field, you must plow under the old.
In order to allow Spirit to paint on your inner canvas, you must white out yours with gratitude.

Our New Year's work is always to let go with dignity and appreciation.
Our new beginnings start with honorable endings.
Our resolutions are to resolve to forgive the past.
"I loose what has troubled me and let it go with trust and freedom."

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I now choose to let go of everything that is not wholly true and loving for me and all.
My mind easily and automatically erases everything that is not of the Highest Good.
My body now easily and gently releases all that is not helpful and healthy.
My relationships are clear of all negative history.
My attitude is now free of all limiting beliefs, doubt and fears.
I lovingly choose to fully live my Authentic and True Self with all my thoughts, words and deeds.

Blessed be All that is Good and Holy,
And so it is…Good and Holy,
Betty Lue

Each of these 2006 programs will encourage letting go of the belief you must add to yourselves.
You are enough. You have enough. You give enough.
You are rich in power and presence and peace.
Clear away the blocks to your awareness and see how rich you are.

Coaching Circle
Committed group gathers to inspire, support and encourage whole life success.
Mondays, beginning Jan. 2, 7-8:30PM. $25/eve. Call to join. Creative Solution Offices

Conscious Healing Circle at Unity Church
Understand the healing process and recognize the power of faith and the healing partnership.
Choose healing modalities that work for you and learn how to be responsible for your own health.
Practical experience for healers and those with health issues.
Sharing, learning, experiential, visualization and prayer.
Healing tools to be experienced: Applied Kinesiology, Ayurveda, Clearing Limiting Beliefs, Energetic Life Balancing, Feng Shui, Neurolinguistics, T'ai Chi Chih, Homeopathy, Inner Guidance & MasterMind.
Thursdays, 7-8:30PM, Jan 19-March 9 at Walnut Creek Unity, 1871 Geary Road. In YE Room.
Suggested $10- Love Offering.
Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D. Spiritual Therapist and Life Coach, Holistic Health Educator, ACIM Teacher.
Robert Waldon, Ph.D. Natural Health and Ayurvedic Consultant, Touch For Health and ELB Instructor

Conscious Healing Forum
Joining of service-minded empowering care-givers and health professionals.
1) To co-create (envision, plan and implement) inspirational educational programs and affordable alternative healing services for everyone in our community.
2) To gather with those willing to vision, organize, educate, inspire and serve the whole community with healthy and healing alternatives for optimum healthy living.
3) To build a healing community to support, inspire and make a difference.

First Gathering, Sunday afternoon January 15, 2006, 2-4PM.
Call for location and information.

Sponsored by:
Reunion Ministries: Counseling, Healing, Education and Relationship Enrichment
Creative Solutions: Coaching for Inspirational Living and Effective Leadership