Sunday, January 22, 2006


How do you know what is true for you?
We all have our own individual ways of knowing what is right and true and loving?
Is it a gut feeling, the joy in your heart, a quiet inner voice?
Is it the song you sing, a big "YES", a feeling your are free?
Is it a voice deep within, a sweet wave of release or just sweet contentment?

Until we Know we can know, we won't know we Know.
Until we really want to Know, we won't let ourselves Know.
Until we are willing to live what we Know, we will not allow ourselves to really Know.

The innocent often Know and are discouraged from living what they know, because those who think they know, say "NO" to their knowing.
The Essential Self often knows and lets the personality Ego convince us we cannot trust our knowing.

Our innocent trust in our inner knowing gradually dissipates as we learn to listen to voices of authority.
Our natural ability to listen is discouraged by the outer noises and activities of work and family, TV, social conversation, busyness, education and the often meaningless stuff of everyday life.
When we give children space and time and freedom to simply be, we give them opportunity to continue listening within.
When we give ourselves alone time to meditate, be still and know, we open the doors to our knowing.

Intuition, inner listening, meditation, lucid dreaming, visioning, prayer, reflection, chanting all are paths to stillness and revealing our own inner door to true knowing.
Knowing is the capacity to step aside from what we believe, what we have achieved.
Knowing is the willingness to let go of book learning and the voice of experts.
Knowing is the ability to quiet the mind and enter into the void.

"Be still and Know"
"Be still and Know that I AM."
"Be still and Know that I am God."

Knowing is Loving.
Knowing is Loving the Self.
Knowing is Loving the Higher Self, the God Self within.
Loving is trusting.
Loving is freeing the Self to listen to the Truth within.

Are you willing to Know?
Are you willing to listen and Know?
Are you willing to trust what you Know?
Are you willing to live what you Know?
Are you willing to encourage others to Know?

Knowing you and Loving You,
Betty Lue

Written 20 years ago. When asked who knows?

Those Who Know

To “know” is to “love”. For when we fully know, we have an experience of acceptance, understanding, trust and love.

In working with this list of levels of consciousness, we can easily substitute “love” for “know”.
Perhaps, for some, this will simplify and clarify where you are in your own unfoldment process.

· Those who don’t know and don’t know they don’t know.
· Those who don’t know and don’t care.
· Those who don’t know and don’t want to know.
· Those who don’t know and wish they did.
· Those who don’t know and seek to know.
· Those who are coming to know.
· Those who know and are afraid of what they know.
· Those who know and are afraid they don’t.
· Those who know and hold back what they know.
· Those who know and share what they know in order to know.
· Those who know and know they know quietly.
· Those who are what they know.