Sunday, January 01, 2006

Love Inspires 

Only you can deny yourself anything.
All things are possible for those who believe.
You can achieve that which you dare to dream.
Love never quits and love never fails.
For those who seek to fulfill their inner vision, all is given,

Seek out, forgive and release those vestiges of your doubting mind.
Wherever you are questioning, dismissing, denying or limiting ourselves, you have quit on Love.
Love hopes all things. Love believes all things. Love endures all things. Love never fails.

There is a Power and Presence that lives in you and gives through you.
This inner inspiration enlightens your vision of Purpose here and the Plan that Love has for you to fulfill on Earth.
When you are listening to the great and gracious Voice of God, of Goodness within, you know this.

How to claim your Purpose:
Be willing to ask each and everyday:
"Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? And with whom?"
Then follow the direction you are given.
To the degree you are willing to go and do and be, you will be guided endlessly.
For the happy willing learners, the ones who authentically and wholeheartedly seek to serve, all is given.
For those who allow fear to enter in, it is hard to begin.

The only limits are those we create for ourselves.
Our limiting beliefs, self judgments and criticism, doubts and fears, all are sandbags on our vision.
These are the unconsciously self made saboteurs that interfere with our highest desires.
When we are confused, conflicted and distracted, our energies are diverted and diluted.

The real work is to stay inspired and inspiring by conscientiously letting go, forgiving and undoing.
The real work is to release all doubts, fears and mis-beliefs.
The real work is to allow the voice for Good and Love, for Trust and Freedom, lead us.
The real work is to never ever quit, to persist, to listen and follow, to let the past go and fully be here now.

Listen within and let me know what you hear for you.
Listen within and share with one who believes fully you can be and do, create and give All you are.
Listen within and join with me the True Believers.
We dare to dream and do and achieve what the Goodness and Love within has planned for us.

Please sit quietly today.
Listen patiently today and everyday in your appointed hour of undistracted alone time.
Write down everything you hear and feel, think and know.
Ask you questions and listen for the answers.
Forgive your doubts and set aside your fears.
Share with me or those spiritual friends with whom you are aligned and supported.

For those of you who seek to build a Community of True Believers, I am One.
We can gather here on the internet.
We can and will support one another with all our hearts and minds and love.
Let the True Believers unite in full holy support for the Highest Good of All.

Inspiring you with a Love that is True,
Betty Lue

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Enjoy and listen within.
Balance your life by living in integrity with what you know to be true for you.