Monday, January 09, 2006

To Live a Fun, Safe and Easy Life 

Forgive everyone and everything.
Keep on flowing around all obstacles.
Don't push the river or swim upstream.
Allow natural life cycles to be.
Learn from everyone and everything.
Attach to no one and nothing.
Be grateful for it all.
Accept that life is change.
Remember Love is the answer.
Give for the pure joy of giving.
Let go of expectations and conditions.
Stop waiting and do it now.
Move at the pace that feels best for you.
Get answers from the Highest Authority you know.
Trust in the desire for Goodness and Wholeness.
See the best, the Holiness, and erase the rest.
Take impeccable care of you.
Only believe what you want to be True.
Trust your inner voice.
Listen to uplifting music and words.
Be responsible for your own happiness.
Let others be responsible for their choices.
Stop meddling, expecting, worrying, assuming.
Start living for the pure joy of following your heart.
Give yourself the very best and forget the rest.
Know all is well no matter how it looks.
Choose to be happy and loving no matter what.
Extend peace to wherever there is need for peace.
Remember to Love is to trust and free yourself and all.

You are the Love this world needs.
Give Love and be grateful and happy.

Yes, this is what I practice to be happy.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

What do you want to add to my list?

You are my spiritual partners as we conspire to co-create a better world.
My heart smiles and my spirit rejoices.
Your gifts of love and appreciation inspires me and feed my soul.
Celebrate the gifts we share and grow in abundance and beauty.
Offering all I am given in Love, supports, strengthens and affirms this Love.

I love you, as you live the life you consciously desire .
I am supported and sustained by your kindness and generosity.
May you honor your Holy Self as you walk in Goodness, Beauty and Love.

Forever Loving You,
Betty Lue