Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Value of Words 

These words written here are not meant to comfort, but to inspire you into action.
These reminders are practical and useable spirituality.
They are a clarion call to stop soothing yourself with platitudes.
They are an invitation to heal what you feel.
They ask for your active participation.
They encourage repentance (to think again) and respect (to see differently).
These words give you ideas and pictures, of which you are aware and may ignore.
These messages remind you of what you know inside, but have covered over with excuses.
The value of loving reminders comes from someone who lives these messages.
Their message is to free yourself to love more, trust God more and live with more peace and happiness.

Now the real question is:
What are you willing to do?
What do you now choose?
What is the highest Truth for you?
How do you want your daily life to be?
How do you want to experience every day?
What is the quality of relationship you want to have?
What is the best way for you to take care of yourself?
What are the gifts you are here to give to your world?
Are you willing to risk giving your best to all you encounter?
Do you dare to dream of giving all to a world which needs you?
Where are you denying yourself what you really want to please others?
What can you do today to fill yourself with peace and joy and love for being?
How much do you really want to be free and trust your inner resources to lead?
Are you willing to do what it takes to set yourself on a journey of lasting happiness?
How have you sabotaged or talked yourself out of living the life you really want?
Can it be you are the prisoner and the prison guard and there is no lock on the cell door?

The moment you can change is now.
The feelings you can change are yours.
The beliefs you hold are yours to choose.
The opportunities are free and unlimited.
This is your life.
It is yours to experience as you wish.
It is never to late to realize your ideal vision for yourself.

I am loving myself and you all as One.
We are in this together.
Betty Lue