Sunday, February 05, 2006

Changing Your Agreements 

If you were a frog born into a pond that became polluted when you were an adult, would you stay?
If you were a colt born to a loving family and sold to neglect and abuse, would you stay?
If you were a spiritual seeker and found a teacher who became an arrogant preacher, would you stay?
If you were a devoted spouse and your partner left for alcohol and other diversions, would you stay?
If you were a loyal employee of a company that became corrupt, would you stay?
If you were a teacher whose classroom became disrespectful and demeaning, would you stay?
If you were a beautiful flower and the warmth and rain ceased, could you survive or be transplanted?

All of us have made agreements with parents, partners, employers, churches and communities.
These agreements were made with the conscious intention of fulfilling our commitments.
When the climate, circumstances, people, beliefs, and attitudes changed, we have the right to change.
Life is change and renewal.
Life is forgiveness and new choice.
Life is release with blessing and gratitude.
Life is transformation and fulfillment.
Life is willingness and service.
Life is healing and growth.

Listening daily for your calling.
Ask faithfully:
"Where am I to go?
To whom shall I speak?
What am I to say and do?"

Often we stay in our comfort zone by continuing agreements that no longer serve the Good of All.
Often we continue to do what we know how to do, even when it may not be healthy, happy or fulfilling.
Often we cling to relationships that do not love, respect and support us in being our Best.
Often we want to stay loyal, dedicated and belong to what may have turned away from the Light.

Yes, give your very best.
Yes, tell the whole and highest Truth.
Yes, invite honesty and integrity from All.
Yes, know your honorable closure will ensure healing.

Be aware that your life is a holy and sacred gift to you from your Source.
To keep your agreement with yourself and your Creator is to love your whole Self well.
To live your life as an example and model for all to see is your message.
To nurture and nourish yourself to blossom and offer the blessings of goodness and love is your function.

Be conscious of what works and no longer works.
Acknowledge to yourself what is true for you.
Forgive and let go of what no longer serves the Good in you.
Listen within in the stillness of an open mind and trusting heart.
Affirm your life as a gift to be nurtured and given to love and serve.
Accept the support and love that is offered to you both within and without.
Appreciate your willingness to be All you are created to be.
And know it is Good.

Loving you,
Betty Lue