Friday, February 03, 2006

Conscious Helping and Healing 

When in doubt, give what you would want to have. Respect others' privacy. Trust others' learning. Appreciate others' strengths. Believe in others' choices. Give others' benefit. Share only your Best. Forgive and forget the rest.

Etiquette for Being Helpful

If you haven't been asked, don't suggest.
If you butt into others' conversation, you are interrupting.
If you tell others what you would do, you are interfering.
If you make others believe they know less than you, you are demeaning.
If you worry and feel sorry, you are disempowering others.
If you criticize and give advice repeatedly, you are meddling.

All in the name of LOVE.

Remember the messages you give come through your tone, your posture, and your words.
It is never helpful or healing to see limitation, lack or littleness in anyone.
It is healing to trust others can and will learn.
It is healing to forgive all judgments, so others will feel safe with you.
It is healing to believe in people and bless their journey.
It is healing to allow others to learn from the natural consequences of their behaviors.
It is healing and helpful to respond when requested with open-mindedness, willingness and appreciation.
It is healing to extend love and peace.
It is healing to dissolve your own fear.
It is healing to realize where you are withholding love.

It is helpful to take impeccable care of yourself first.
It is helpful to learn what others really want before offering what you want them to have.
It is helpful to stop making others dependent on you to boost your own self esteem.
It is helpful to take responsibility for your self to teach by example.
It is helpful to follow your inner guidance as well as listen carefully to others' requests.
It is helpful to hear what is being said beneath the words.
It is helpful to remember your thoughts are being heard telepathically.
It is helpful to be the conscious reminder of faith, hope and forgiveness.
It is helpful to believe in the best in people and to let go of the rest.
It is helpful to be reassuring, encouraging and empowering.

My favorite conscious healing tools are:
Forgive and erase any thoughts and feelings which do not believe in and support the best in others.
See only the wholeness and holiness in others and all circumstances, no matter what it may seem.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

We are always here for you!
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