Thursday, February 23, 2006

Do You Understand? 

Everyone is different.
We all come from very different family backgrounds.
Our ancestors traits have an influence on our personality and lifestyle choices.
Each of us learns habits to cope with the family circumstances in which we are nurtured.
Ancestral traits plus learned habits program and build our unconscious patterns of behavior.
To discover more about why you are the way you are, you may want to explore your past in detail.

Now to male and female differences…
In general, men are more linear, rational or mental, trained to be self-defended, definite and competitive.
In general, women are more multidimensional, emotional and care-giving, trained to be more expressive, nurturing and concerned for others. From primitive times, men were sent out to fight and hunt, to protect and provide for the tribe. Women were charged with nourishing and nurturing the entire group over long periods of time, using whatever the men provided.

The languages of men and women are different.
Their defenses, and coping mechanisms are different.
Recently I have noticed that women expect men to be capable, courageous and strong.
When men let their uncertainty, fear and vulnerability show, women often withdraw their love and express anger, disappointment or demand more.
When women demonstrate strength, certainty and courage, men often are intimidated and step back.

To truly discover the inner essence of one another, men and women must drop their expectations, assumptions and projections. Both must be open to listen and share with respect and compassion. With revelation of the true inner being, there is opportunity for deep intimacy, true and lasting love.
Most personality traits are the individual's best effort to find a safe and productive way to relate.
We must be forgiving and understand that the personality covers up the tender heart of each person.

Do you want to be understood?
First you must attempt to understand?
Listen with your heart.
Make not judgments, comparisons.
Stop trying to fix or change the other.
Be a healing and loving presence.
Spend time open to learning.
Through your forgiveness, the other may heal themselves.
Through your true and lasting Love, the other may come to love and respect themselves.
Through your gentle understanding, the other may become vulnerable and open to understand you.

Do you understand?
Give to each other what you want to teach them to give to you.
Look beneath the cover-up of personality, ancestral traits and learned habits.
Seek the desire to Love and be loved within yourself and everyone.

Learning from everyone.
To know you is to Love You.
Betty Lue

“Prayer For A Loved One”

Dear Heart, I will not worry, fret or be unhappy over you.
I will not be anxious concerning you.

I will not be afraid for you.

I will not give up on you.

I will not blame, criticize or condemn you.

I will re
member first, last and always that you are God’s child, that you have His Spirit in you.
I will trust this Spirit to take care of you, to be a light to your path, to provide for your needs.
I will think of you as always being surrounded by God’s loving Presence, enfolded in His protecting care, as kept safe and secure in Him.

I will be patient with you.

I will have confidence in you.

I will stand by you in faith, and bless you in my prayers, knowing that you are growing, knowing that you are finding the help you need, the love you need, the healing you need, the financial freedom you need.

I have only good feelings in my heart about you.

I am willing to let you live your life as you see fit.

Your way may not be my way, but I will trust th
e Spirit of God in you to show you the way of your highest Good.
God loves you and I love
I have confidence in you and I believe in you!!

(author unknown)

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