Sunday, February 19, 2006

Flavors of Love 

What is your favorite flavor of love?
It would appear that human beings love to be loved.
Yet, each person longs to be loved differently.
Egos seek to satisfy physical needs, emotional and mental needs and some seek spiritual satisfaction.

Where there was a lack in our childhood, we see healing and completion of the unfilled needs.
Where there was fulfillment of needs in childhood, we may expect and only be satisfied with duplication.

People seeking physical fulfillment may need affection, sexuality, cuddling and physical closeness.
People seeking emotional fulfillment need listening, intimacy, sharing secrets and emotional expression.
People seeking mental fulfillment may need discussions, arguments, co-creations and mutual learning.
Those seeking spiritual fulfillment need joining, commitment to Spirit and willingness to co-create.

Often egos seek to get something in return for their giving.
Egos quit on relationships in which they seem to always give.
Egos compare and evaluate, sometime sacrificing for others.
Where there is judgment, they is criticism and resentment.

When spiritual interests are foremost, egoic needs take a backseat.
The Authentic Self seeks to give to strengthen and fulfill one's purpose in being.
The Authentic Self serves the interests of others while losing nothing.
The Authentic Self knows that giving to another is giving to oneself.

Much as a loving mother gives selflessly to a child, spiritual beings seek to love everyone equally.
Seeing only the holiness of the relationship, the authentic self is fulfilled by giving their best.
The spiritual essence is strengthened and receives blessings of happiness and peace in extending love.
The spiritual Self is committed to forgive and heal all blocks and barriers to the full realization of love.

When we love without quitting on love, we always know success.
When we love forgiving all lack of love, we experience the fullness of forgiving Love.
When we love giving our best no matter what is given by the other, we feel freedom and gratitude.
When we love one as an expression of love for Source and God, we realize God in all creation.

Are you seeking to receive a certain kind of love?
Is there something missing in your life that needs to be healed?
Are you conscious of the type of relationship that will fulfill your needs.
Have you clarified with others what you want for yourself and are willing to give to another?

The conditions from which you choose to love another are the same conditions that may bring its demise.
With unconditional love, there is only the commitment to love no matter what.
This love cannot fail because it has no end.
Do you invite conditional (judgmental) or unconditional (forgiving) Love into your relationships?

You create the outcome with your own input.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Have you seen the True Blue LOVE stamp with two bluebirds?
My family nickname is “True Blue.”
“Let the bluebird of happiness fly up your nose.” Johnny Carson
And twin love birds are part of my logo for

Look for ways you are being loved and recognized.
Remember, everything you say and do is teaching all the universe, whether you recognize it or not.
Everything, you think and say and do makes a difference, whether you notice it or not.