Friday, February 10, 2006

Give Yourself a Valentine's Gift! 

If ideal parents nurtured and nourished you, how would your confidence be?
If the best teachers taught your throughout school, how would your attitude be?
If God gave you the life He wants for you, how would you feel about your life?
If you were raised perfectly loved and loving, how would you live each day?

Why not….give yourself the best?
Why not …imagine the best?
Why not….treat yourself with the ideal?

To have the best past, you need to first imagine and pretend…..
To have the best present, you need to love and be loved….
To have the best future, you need to remember the Highest Truth..
To have the best You, You must act like the Best You.

Your parents loved and respected themselves and each other.
You learned to love and respect yourself and all others.
Your teachers taught you to always do your best and it was enough.
You learned to be your best and feel really great about yourself.
Your creator (True parent) gave you the best of ItSelf.
You realize the unlimited love and creative Power within You.
You were raised with real love, trust and freedom with responsibility for your whole life.
You remember everyday how to live and give, love, trust, freedom and responsibility to your world.

You laugh, learn and let go of little mistakes or misunderstandings.
You enjoy the richness and value of each loving relationship.
Your Presence is healing and helpful with the kindness and compassion you feel.
Your creativity and inspiration fill your life with abundant joy and love and peace.

Whatever you dream of doing, you can do.
Whatever inspires you to give, you give.
Whatever calls you to help, you are helpful.
You fully enjoy your life as an adventure of Loving Service and Joyful Creativity.

Think of yourself as you are called to be.
See yourself being what you want to be.
Speak to yourself and others what is True.
Give to yourself and everyone the best You.

Happy Love Day!
Remembering only and always to Love,
Betty Lue

Inside you lives what you see below.
You are waiting for someone to love You!
Now is the time and you are the One.
This is the place and you have begun.
(If you need some help reminding, email me.)