Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Heaviness Into Light 

Gravity or Lightness?

Do you fall into melodramatic seriousness or lighten up with blessing and learning?
Do you dread what life has in store for you or await tomorrow with enthusiasm and expectancy?

When the heaviness of everyday responsibilities get to you, think light. Think light, be light, live light and give light.

Inspiration= inspiring yourself and one another=inspiring your children and your friends.

Inspiration means being full of spirit, full of joy and fun and play and happiness and possibilities.

Think about how you can do everything more lightly with more joy and gratitude.
Think about how you can remind one another with more smiles and hugs and words of praise.
Think about how you can change your whole family simply by remembering to smile at everyone.
Think about how it feels to have someone say, I really love you and appreciate all you do.
Think about how good it is to make someone happy, rather than criticize.
Think how distraction and entertainment sometimes can dissolve the crisis.
Think about the power of touch, song, happy sharing, silliness and a moment of quality time.
Think about how you can make each day a little brighter for yourself, and then for everyone you meet.

We are each one of us far more powerful than we know.
Our thoughts, words and deeds are teaching not only our childrenbut everyone everywhere.
Mellow the drama.
Stop being in crisis mode.
Give time to those things which you enjoy.
Offer healing words of kindness and appreciation.
Be spontaneous and generous in your smile.
Value every glorious moment and watch your world value you more.

Better to do your light worker stuff anonymously, so no one knows who or how or when or where the goodness might appear!

Loving you lightly,
Betty Lue

I know you can and will do your enlightening home work everyday to lighten your way.

Don’t forget this week’s events!
Conscious Healing Circle at Unity or Walnut Creek, this Thursday 7-9PM Ayurveda and Your Constitutional Type
Free Fung Shui Seminar, Sunday 3/5 1-2:30 PM my offices.

Dr. Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D., MFT PsychoSpiritual Therapist, Life Coach, Holistic Health Educator, T’ai Chi Chih and Feng Shui Teacher, ACIM student/teacher
Dr. Robert M. Waldon, N.D., Ph.D. Natural Health Consultant, Ayurvedic Consultant, Touch For Health and Energetic Life Balancing Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher.

Babies teach how to lighten up quickly and easily, if.....we are willing to learn.
We adulterate our lives with serious and heavy thinking.

Cookie face and all, I am in de Light!