Thursday, February 09, 2006

Less Fear Is More Fun 

Are you stuck in seriousness?
Are you consumed by fear?
Are you caught in struggle?
Are you immersed in difficulties?
Are you distracted by problems?
Are you resisting simplicity?

Life can be fun, safe and easy….especially for YOU!
You are willing to be happy.
You are willing to learn.
You are willing to let go.
You are willing to love you.

Try filling your life with what you want more than what you have.
If you are too serious, give yourself More Fun.
If you are too fearful, give yourself more reassurance.
If you are too overwhelmed, live simply.
If you are too tired, give yourself more rest.
If you are too giving, try giving first to you.
If you are too lonely, find fellowship with people you value.
If you are too stuck, do something novel and new.everyday.
If you are too fragile, strengthen your body and mind with exercise.
If you are too sensitive, work with infants and young children.
If you are too distracted, do only one thing at a time, no background noise.
If you are too emotional, stop listening to or thinking about others' problems.

Give yourself what you really need.
Believe it or not with simple changes, life can and will become more beautiful, good and healthy.
You can feed yourself a life of toxic thoughts, sounds and sights, or you can give yourself goodness.
Stop treating yourself like the world.
Start respecting yourself like the precious Gift you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
I am giving myself what is valuable to my aliveness.
My life works for me, so I can awaken and remind you.