Monday, February 06, 2006

Make It a Good Day! 

This is your life.
It is yours to create as you wish.
It is yours to experience as you choose.
It is yours to make of as you will.
This is your day.

You can do it yourself and experience mixed results.
You can call on your friends and experience a conglomerate.
You can make someone else responsible and give them the praise or the blame.
You can call on the Master Designer and experience beauty, Goodness and Wholeness.

This is the day you have been given.
Life is your gift.
Be grateful and use the gift well.
Be resistant and hate the giver.
It is your choice.

It seems people like to judge and evaluate their gift.
It seems people want to figure out why the giver has given the gift.
It seems people are deciding whether they want to have the gift.
It seems people cannot figure out how to use the gift they are given.

If only we knew the gift is truly a gift.
If only we accepted the gift for what it is.
If only we believed the Giver really loves us.
If only we enjoyed the gift that is given.

Let us assume you know, accept, believe and appreciate the gift of your life.
Let us assume that you do not know how best to use this gift.
Let us return to the Giver and ask for instructions.

"I know you love me and want my happiness.
I trust you know how I can best experience a Good life.
I believe you can and will offer me wisdom and Love.
How can I best use my life, the sacred gift you have given? "

Some of us will go to His Holy Book, a guide to living.
Some of us will look at the holiest of holy for models of living.
Some of us will listen inside to our inner guide.
Some of us will pray everyday for guidance and wisdom.

This is your life.
If it isn't as you wish it to be.
Maybe you can stop and ask for the instruction manual.
It is never too late to begin again.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

This reminder took about 15 minutes to write, no editing, no judging, just listening and writing from within.
I love listening and writing for you and me. It exemplifies how a guided life is meant to be, happy and free. I have no fear, no regret, no sacrifice, no pain. I simply come to the keyboard and welcome what is given.
You can undo what fear and resistance you may have. You can learn to be trusting and free.

See the babies below!

This is a wash your face party after lunch. We get to grab the wash cloth away from Grandpa. Then he pulls it away from us and we all laugh alot.
What makes you really laugh?