Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nothing to Prove 

There is nothing to prove to your Source.
There is nothing to do to establish your worth.
There is nothing to teach or make or accomplish.
You are worthy. You are valuable. You are enough.

The very experience of being created by the Infinite, Unlimited and All-Loving is enough.

To please those who themselves feel unworthy, we may have take on their need to prove something.
To fulfill the unfulfilled dreams and visions of our parents and ancestors, we may try to be the best.
To make a place of fame and fortune in the world, we may be driven to succeed with wealth and glory.
And still the old old story is you cannot take what is not important with you.

You may acquire tools and tricks, gimmicks and gadgets of a temporal life in this earthly school.
You may enter the sweepstakes of life and win or lose, but in the end it is what you learn that matters.
You may build fantastic homes and huge fortunes but you only find happiness in truly living Love.
You may strive and sacrifice to get awards and acclamation, but only your inner Voice tells you True.

You already are all that you seek to become.
Take off the layers of unconscious limiting beliefs.
Unwrap the gift of beauty and goodness and see the Light that is inside.
Dissolve ancestral fears and doubts and let the True Wisdom come out.

In you is everything radiant and beautiful, magnificent and All-Good.

Life is a grand Un-Doing.
Love is letting go of fearful withholding.
Enlightenment is uncovering your eyes.
Salvation is returning to your Source.

Yes, life can be simple and natural and good.
Yes, life can be fun, safe and easy.
Yes, love can be gentle and kind and respectful.
Yes love can be openness, willingness and appreciation.

"To be as a child" invites innocent (non-judgmental) wisdom (knowing from within).
Forgive your doubts, fear and judgment and you shall know.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Another Loving Reminder. Look into her eyes and you can see the Light. Look at her smile and you can know the Joyful Love of our Creator... Sofia Grace is Gia’s sister. She is now 3 months old. She talks with me, smiles easily, holds her head up and loves her big sister and her Grandpa Robert. Another Gift of pure Love from God. Let us remember to love one another.
Betty Lue