Sunday, February 12, 2006

Remember, You Know 

Remember, you are here to heal.
Remember, you are here to learn.
Remember, you are here to love.
Remember, you are here to let go.
Remember, you are here to forgive.
Remember, you are here to bless.
Remember, you are here to enjoy.
Remember, you are here to create.
Remember, you are here to appreciate.
Remember, you are here to remember.

Did you Know that you always Knew, until you forgot?
The distractions of physical life draw us into believing what we see is IT, the real deal.
The demands of special relationships call us into serving the needs of others.
The thoughts and feelings, opinions and beliefs, teach us others know what we want to know.

When you want to KNOW, be still and listen beneath the thoughts and beyond the feelings.

A helpful tool is to become first aware of you thoughts and feelings by journaling and writing them down.
What I am feeling about this is..
The real reason I am upset is…
What concerns me about this is…

When your mind is empty,
Ask, "What is the Truth?
I am open and willing to know."
And be still and listen to any and all feelings, ideas, pictures, and knowingness that comes through.
Make sure you write it all down or you might miss what you Know and have always Known….

Remember, Knowing comes in many ways…Uniquely to each one of us.
Some Know with deep listening within their heart.
Some Know with a kinesthetic experience in the body.
Some Know with an experience of Truth that simply dawns on them.
Some Know through a mystical awareness.
Some Know in communion with nature.
Some Know with an inner Voice.

Honor your Knowing and you will be open to Know more.
Discount your Knowing and you will by pass and forget your Knowing.

To Love is to Know!
To Know is to Love!
I am Knowing and Loving All,
Betty Lue

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