Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Right Time 

When is it time to show up?
When is it time to speak up?
When is it time for Spring?
When is it time to do your thing?

When is it time to listen?
When is it time to share?
When is it time to answer?
When is it time to care?

The groundhog, so the stories say,
Comes out on this very day.
When the sun shines and shadows fall,
The groundhog retreats until spring weather calls.

Do you know when to come out?
Can you tell when the weather is fair?
Do you sometimes want to talk so much you will not listen.
Do you seek attention so much you won't wait your turn.
Do you know so much you have all the answers.
Do you love so much you just have to push your hugs?

The sensitive and genuinely loving person needs nothing.
The authentic giver seeks only to serve the highest Good.
Sometimes silent, sometimes leaving well enough alone.
Sometimes sharing and always caring that all will benefit.

Because human emotions change like the weather,
Because our economic and health conditions are unpredictable.
Because relationships, responsibilities and our reactions wax and wane,
We must all be conscious and aware of what is being needed by everyone everywhere.

It starts with you and me.
We must live in integrity.
We must take impeccable care,
So when we show up we are really there.

With a full heart and quiet mind,
Knowing nothing and feeling loving and kind,
I can be with you, I can hear you.
I can feel you and I can love you.

In the safety of my non-judging Love,
I can listen inside for messages of forgiveness and peace.
We both feel the joy of instant and loving release.

Show up with an open heart and quiet mind.
Pay attention to the call for Love and the gifts of Love.
Tell the Truth of greater gifts of forgiveness and Peace.
Detach from the outcome by letting go of your fantasies and expectations.

Love needs nothing.
Love is the healing remedy.
Love shines away darkness.
Love soothes away fear.
Love dissolves barriers.
Love reminds us we are the same.

Betty Lue