Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time to Quit? 

Have you had enough?
Are you angry and upset?
Are you giving your all and getting "nothing" in return?
Sounds like time to quit…..
But wait……
You may not be finished yet!

The project, assignment, relationship, job, contract, agreement is not done until …..
you have listened and heard, learned and taught, given and received, been responsible and responded.

And, if you leave too soon, you just have to do it over again someday with someone else…..

Look for clues to what is really upsetting you.
It may not be apparent to most observers, (even your closest confidantes and therapists.)
Get very clear on what the "matter", myth, fantasy, wish, attitude and limiting beliefs you may carry.
Be willing to see the prejudices, judgments, fears, opinions, resentment, concerns and hurts you hold.
Where you hold guilt or blame, you are not finished.
Where you remember disappointment or fear, you are not done yet.
Where you hold negative beliefs and unkind thoughts, you are incomplete.

To be complete, there must be closure with honor and dignity for all.

Now what is our holy assignment here with everyone?
To remember Love.
To forgive all things.
To know our judgments are limited.
To realize our full power and healing Presence.
To never allow blocks to our awareness to Love's Presence.
To see every unloving experience as a call for Love.
To be fully able to respond to all calls for Love.
To make no one special, especially bad or good.
To suspend all assumptions, expectations and limiting beliefs.
To listen within and follow inner guidance for the Highest good of All.
To stop comparing, analyzing, regretting or attacking with our minds.
To stop pitying, denying, excluding, or ignoring anyone.

Calls for help are everywhere. Who do you respond to and how? This is a core issue. More later. Whenever you quit on a brother, you quit on yourself and on humanity.
If you cannot forgive and learn to love without sacrifice, remove yourself until you can.
Sometimes we are unable to live with and work with another, until we heal ourselves.
To be responsible, we must confess our difficulty, unforgiveness and lack of self love and change our circumstances until we can return to love.

Love is the healing power.

Loving you with a love that is True,
Betty Lue

Within you is the love you seek.